Northwest Ontario Fishing Hints

Cedar lake lies within the Ontario Fisheries Management Zone 4.

Helpful Fishing Tips

  • WALLEYE: Fishing methods include jigging, drifting or slow trolling with 6-10 lb test line. Jigs can be dressed with minnows, leeches or crawlers. Popular artificial lures are Rapallas, flatfish, Mepps, Little Joe and plastic grub on jighead. Prominent colors are: chartreuse, white, pearl, orange, black, brown and grey.
  • NORTHERN PIKE: Northern Pike can be best fished by casting weedbeds and trolling with 10-20 lb test line. Live bait would included large minnows, chubs or suckers. Trusted artificial lures are: Suick, buss baits, large spoons, Rapallas, flatfish and spinner baits in any of the following colors: orange, red, silver, black, white, chartreuse and blue.
  • MUSKY: Casting in weedbeds, rocky shoals and points in the proven method for success. 30 lb plus test line and 12″-16″ steel leaders are a must. Popular lures are jerk baits (especially surface), Top Raiders, Bucktails, Suicks and Rapallas. Colors range from black, orange, perch, chartreuse to white and brown.
  • SMALLMOUTH BASS: Action is best by casting or jigging on rocky points and shallow structure with 4-8 lb test line. Leeches work best for live bait, although minnows and crawlers are also used. Mepps, Roostertail, Rapallas, Jitterbug, small crank baits, tube jigs, Little Cleo and imitation crawded lures have been successful for many of our guests. Flashy colors such as fire tiger, chartreuse, perch, silver and white are best for attracting these fighters.
  • PERCH: Perch tend to travel together with walleye and can be fished with similar methods such as jigging, while some prefer using a jig or hook and sinker with a slip bobber. 4-6 lb test line is sufficient. A small piece of nightcrawler, leech or small minnow are typical live baits. Chief colors are chartreuse, white, yellow and pink.

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